In June 2007, Carol was invited to the White House to witness President Bush discussing the embryonic stem cell veto and executive order.  She was also asked to be on stage with the President during his remarks.  President Bush mentioned Carol in his speech stating “I’m also up here with Carol Franz; she has whipped cancer twice by using adult stem cells.  In other words, adult stem cells have saved her life.  She’s a determined woman who believes strongly that there are different alternatives available to use stem cells other than those which are created as the result of destruction of human life.”


(A note from Carol:  There are two types of stem cell research (embryonic and adult).  People sometimes misunderstand President Bush’s view on stem cell research.  They feel that President Bush is against stem cell research.  That’s not the case.  President Bush has always been a major supporter of ADULT stem cell research, therapies, and treatment, which have helped thousands of people.)






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